The AMI Professional Development Stream (PDS) is a path for AMI Diploma Holders to earn AMI Certificates in various aspects of an AMI Diploma Course. The Programme has been designed with several goals in mind, including:

  • to validate work currently being done by AMI Diploma Holders on existing AMI teacher training courses
  • to provide professional development opportunities  for experienced AMI Montessori teachers
  • to create a network of professionals that would increase AMI teacher training capacity
  • to create a universally recognized qualification that can be applied on any AMI Teacher Training Diploma Course
  • to offer qualified individuals the opportunity to explore and experience some aspects of the AMI Training of Trainers Programme

PDS certificates can be earned at training levels for Zero to Three; Three to Six; and Six to Twelve. The current categories for certificates are:

  • AMI Album Reader
  • AMI Practical Supervisor
  • AMI Observation Report Reader
  • AMI Student Teaching Evaluator
  • AMI National Examiner

Additional certificate programmes are currently in development.

A participant may earn any number of AMI PDS Certificates, depending upon their qualifications, and a participant may train for more than one certificate at the same time. Each certificate serves as evidence of professional development.

Achievement of a PDS Certificate qualifies an individual to be a member of the Training Staff / Faculty on an AMI Teacher Training Diploma Course at the designated level as offered by any AMI Affiliated Training Organisation throughout the world. Please note: individual Training Organisations may have additional requirements for employment.

Each certificate carries its own set of application, training, and assessment criteria; see individual certificate descriptions for details. Training occurs by working on a Diploma Course under a designated Supervising Trainer. Interested individuals will make their own arrangements with a training course as part of the application process.

Application documents, including a Personal Essay and Professional Letters of Reference, should demonstrate the applicant’s suitability for successful participation in  the PDS Programme as described on the PDS Application Form. Specific information is available in the documents available for download.

The application for a PDS Programme is submitted directly to a Diploma Course by a qualified individual. A list of AMI Affiliated Training Organisations and current AMI courses can be found on the this website under ‘Training’. As needed, the AMI Scientific Pedagogy Division can assist in connecting a potential applicant with a suitable course. As part of the application review process, the Training Staff will verify the authenticity of the applicant’s AMI Diploma at the appropriate level and that the applicant is a current member of AMI.

A fee to cover administrative costs of application and supervision may be charged by the Training Organisation offering the course. Upon successful completion of the programme, a fee will be charged by AMI to cover the administrative costs of processing paperwork and issuing the certificate.

Participation in the PDS Programme will be dependent upon the availability of a Supervising Trainer on the training course. Upon acceptance into the PDS Programme, the accepted candidate and the Supervising Trainer both sign the PDS Professional Expectations Form.

Assessment will be in the form of ongoing evaluation by the Supervising Trainer. There is no fixed time for training; however, all requirements for certification must be fulfilled to achieve the certificate. For qualified individuals who have already worked on training courses in one or more of the identified capacities, experience can be credited retroactively, and a Certificate will be issued upon the recommendation of an AMI Trainer for the level.

AMI will award a PDS Certificate upon successful completion of the Programme and submission of all required paperwork and fees. All Certificate holders’ names will be entered into the AMI Professional Development Stream database.