Each month we invite the Montessori community to pose questions they'd like answered by AMI’s Pedagogical Director, Ginni Sackett.  Follow us on Instagram to submit your questions and we'll pick three each month to provide answers and post them here.

Why are Montessori schools so expensive and exclusive?
What to do when a child in 3-6 group keeps biting other children?
How do I know a school is really a Montessori school and not just branded as such?
How does Montessori understand 'play'?
How to stop being an overwhelming parent?
If a child is using his whole cycle to do a specific work should we intervene?
Thoughts about all-class (24) gathering time at arrivals vs. going right to work? Reasons?
What are the qualifications that a Montessori teacher needs to apply for a job in the USA?
Is training changing to keep up with the ever-changing environment or do we stay with what we...
What is your favourite Montessori text?
Any tricks for a new 4-5 year old in the classroom?
What to say to a school that calls itself Montessori but isn’t?