Youth sports experts, Montessori Sports, have launched an online platform to allow greater access to training on how to integrate Montessori principles within schools’ sports programmes. 

The aim is to bring a student-centred approach to sports environments and to bring sports to the very core of child development. Montessori Sports founders, Ruben Jongkind and Patrick Oudejans, have now formalised their partnership with Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), who have accredited their Montessori Sports Fundamentals Course.

Ruben Jongkind first discovered Montessori education while he was a coach at the world leading Ajax Amsterdam Football Academy. There he connected with Lynne Lawrence, the Executive Director of AMI. 

Impressed by the philosophy, Ruben began implementing Montessori principles into the Academy, with great success. Results were evident in the Europa League in 2017 and Champions League 2019, which had one of the youngest teams ever to perform at this level. 

As a result of this pioneering partnership, Montessori sports are now launching an online platform to make training and resources available to large numbers of educators, trainers, and parents.  In addition, a Montessori Sports Fund will be established to bring Montessori education to sports-loving under-resourced communities.

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