Our Commitment to Accountability

We believe that children, adolescents and vulnerable adults have a right to a peaceful existence in the company of supportive adults and developmentally appropriate supporting environments. We believe that Montessori education provides principles and practices that do this respectfully, taking into account the dignity of the human being and their culture. In order to meet our objectives, mission and vision it is necessary for AMI and its strategic network of organisations that work together internationally to maintain our reputation of integrity and respect. When working with and for AMI you represent these values in your work and in your life.

How we act as AMI Board members, staff, teachers, administrators, trainers, volunteers, members, collaborating organisations and contractors determines how effective AMI can be in the work we share as Montessori advocates for children and adults. Our work is based on deeply held human values and principles and articulated in our policies and procedures, including:

Our Strategic Plan and Annual Report

We are committed to being open and transparent about our work and accountable to the individuals, communities, partners and organisations with which we work. AMI's Strategic Plan guides our work and AMI's Annual Report provides an overview of our activities.