Travel Nanny/Teacher, Madrid


Assistants to Infancy (0-3)

Listed 19 May 2020

Opportunity with family

We are seeking a travel nanny/teacher. Preferably, with an AMI Primary Certificate to work with our 3 and 2 years old daughters while traveling with us in Europe. We are looking for someone that will grow their curiosity, autonomy, manage frustration and gain security in themselves. We´de like science and nature to be included in the activities. We are hoping for someone joyful, creative and ressourceful.

The work days will be approximately 3 hour days (7 days a week)
The duration of this position is 3 months starting mid June until mid september.
$25 per hour. Travel and accommodations will be provided.

We are entrepreneurs and we hope to find someone kind hearted, loving and cooperative to work with our eager to learn daughters.