Pullman Community Montessori, Pullman

Administrator, Academic Director

Primary (3-6), Elementary (6-12), Adolescents (12-18)

Listed 15 September 2020


Montessori Coach – Director of Instruction, Assessment, and Professional Development

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Salary Range: $85,000-95,000 (USD)

Primary Position Purpose & Administrative Overview:

Pullman Community Montessori’s (PCM) Montessori Coach (MC) is a member of the administrative team, serving as the director of instruction, assessment, and professional development. As and educational leader, the MC focuses on day-to-day implementation of the Montessori curriculum, coaching of teachers and classroom assistants, and is responsible for the consistent high-quality implementation of the Montessori program within and across grade levels.

The MC oversees the development of all curricular initiatives and guides the implementation of a coherent whole school approach to Montessori pedagogy; works with teachers formally and informally to improve instructional practice and adherence to the Montessori model; oversees all student assessment and related data analysis; coordinates and, in some cases, delivers professional development to teachers and classroom assistants.

As PCM fosters a culture of collaboration and excellence for all stakeholders, including staff, our school leadership will be grounded in a collaborative leadership model. The MC, in collaboration with the HOS, will participate in school-wide decision-making, strategic planning, and educational program design.

PCM has build strategic partnerships with key organizations, including National Center for Montessori in the Public and Teton Science Schools Place Network, to support us as a new charter school in the state of Washington (USA).