Homeschooling, London


First Plane (0-6)

Listed 25 October 2021

0-6 years old experience to work for a family (at home).

Looking for Montessori Educator with an AMI Primary Certificate for 3 kids of 4, 2 and 1 years old. We are looking for someone that will grow their curiosity, autonomy, manage frustration and gain security in themselves. We'd like science and nature to be included in the activities. We are hoping for someone joyful, creative and resourceful.

The working hours will need some flexibility. Every moment of the day is an opportunity to learn. We envision approximately 5/6 hour days (6 days a week) in the afternoons until they go to sleep. The duration of this position is to be defined starting January . Travel and accommodations will be provided if needed.  

Monthly payment to be agreed with candidate upon experience.