The Corner of Hope is a pilot project to help vulnerable people such as those in refugee, transit and IDP Camps build a community using the principles of the Montessori approach. It is based on an ethos of self-reliance not dependence, community not school, self ownership and control, dignity and self worth which all play an important role in overcoming the effects of trauma experienced by the inhabitants of the camps. It has the added advantage of building for the future and creating transferable skills that will accompany both adults and children wherever their final destination may be.

The project includes plans to create a school for 520 children within the Transit Camp in New Canaan, near Nakuru, in Kenya and to train 40 teachers with sufficient knowledge to work in other schools. We also plan to train 4 Mentors with the ability to duplicate the project. As well as this we hope to provide shelter for the school with a wider community purpose and feed the children and the teachers. We are hoping that the project will stimulate enterprise and impart knowledge in respect of the local manufacture of Montessori educational materials as well as other skills. As part of the project the families will all be given seedlings to cultivate so that they can pay for their children's education by contributing food. They are overjoyed to be able to contribute to their children's education in this way.

The project has received a significant grant from the Youth Hope Foundation, which will cover the majority of costs over the next three years. However, as the project progresses and we work closely with the camp council we come across more things that need to be done and are therefore working to raise additional funds to dig a borehole, purchase a compressed brick machine to build walls for the classrooms and to pay salaries for two carpenters and one seamstress for one year. In all, we need an additional thirteen thousand pounds.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated to ensure these additional needs are met. Please fill in the form below to make a secure online donation.

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