Events Montessori Congresses
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2009 Chennai
2005 Sydney
2001 Paris
1999 Cancun
1997 Uppsala
1991 Nara
1985 Karachi
1979 Amsterdam
1977 München
1972 Palo Alto
1970 Washington
1970 Unesco Paris
1970 Toronto
1970 Rome
1964 Amsterdam
1960 Bad Godesberg
1957 Rome
1953 Paris
1951 London
1949 San Remo
1938 Edinbourgh
1937 Copenhagen
1936 Oxford
1934 Rome
1933 Amsterdam
1931 Nice
1929 Helsingör

International Montessori Congresses provide an opportunity for Montessorians to come together from around the world to share and further their work in aid of the child. The Congresses are open to all and are designed to promote the ideas of Dr. Maria Montessori to the wider public. They have been held since 1929 and it was during the first International Montessori Congress that the Association Montessori Internationale was founded.

The next Congress will be held in the Portland, Oregon.

Montessori: Guided by Nature

27th International Montessori Congress, Portland, Oregon, USA
July 31 - August 3, 2013